Músicas do Sonic

Se você jogou um Sonic, com certeza deve ter notado como as músicas são de alto padrão. De diversos estilos e gêneros, as trilhas sonoras são umas das razões pelo sucesso da série. Abaixo você confere a lista dos principais temas musicais do Sonic, com um player para você escutar, a letra e a tradução da música.

Sonic CD

Sonic Boom
You Can Do Anything
Cosmic Eternity

Sonic 3D Blast

You're My Hero

Sonic R

Super Sonic Racing
Can You Feel The Sunshine
Living In The City
Back In Time
Work It Out 
Diamont In The Sky
Number One

Sonic Adventure

Open Your Heart
It Doesn't Matter
Belive In Myself
Unknown From M.E.
Sweet Passion
Lazy Days

Sonic Adventure 2

Live and Learn
It Doesn't Matter
Believe In Myself
Unknown From M.E.
Throw It All Away
Fly In The Freedom
I Am the E.G.G.M.A.N
Escape From the City 

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes
We Can
This Machine
Follow Me
Team Chaotix
What I'm Made Of

Shadow the Hedgehog

I Am... All Of Me
All Hail Shadow
Waking Up
Almost Dead
Chosen One
Never Turn Back

Sonic Riders

Super Sonic Speed
Catch Me If You Can

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

His World - Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis
His World - Crush 40
Dreams Of An Absolution
All Hail Shadow
My Destiny

Sonic and The Secret Rings

Seven Rings In Hand
Let the Speed Mend It
The Wicked Wild
The Palace That Was Found
How It Started
Poison Spear
It Has Come To This
Unawakening Float
Blue On The Run
No Way Through
The White Of Sky
Worth a Chance

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

Catch Me If You Can

Sonic Unleashed

Endless Possibilities
Dear My Friend

Sonic and The Black Knight

Knight Of The Wind
Fight the Knight
Through The Fire
With Me
Live Life

Sonic Free Riders


Sonic Colors

Reach for the Stars
Speak With Your Heart

Crush 40 - Outras

Revvin' Up
Into The Wind
In The Lead
Watch Me Fly...
Fuel Me
Dangerous Ground
All The Way
Fire Woman
Is It You
Song of Hope
Sonic Youth
Rise Again
One Of These Days

Sonic X

Sonic Drive
Gotta Go Fast
Hikaru Michi
Just Call Me Sonic ~ Mabushii Kaze ni nare ~

Jun Senoue - The Works

The American Dream
Sons Of Angels
Batter Up!
Mr. Baseball 
Baseball Anthem ~Fight The Fight~
Road to Win
Where I Want To Be
Takoyaki Rock

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